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RV Park & Cottages
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Reservation & Inquiry

Please remember, a reservation is a two way commitment. I guarantee you the space/cottage you reserved and you guarantee me payment for it. From the moment of your reservation I'm going to send away other potential guests. If you are not sure about your reservation, don't make one and save yourself and others the hassle and unnecessary work.

Our cancellation policy is:
- Upon reservation, we charge the first night's cost to your credit card, non refundable no matter what.
If you cancel your reservation by noon 7 days before arrival date, we do not charge you the remaining amount.
If you cancel later, the whole remaining amount of your stay becomes due immediately.
- If we are able to rent out the space/cottage you reserved and cancelled too late, we will refund you the amount for these nights we were able to rent.
- There will be no refunds for not showing up, late arrivals, early departures, inclement weather, broken down vehicles and sick grandmas.

-NOTE RE WEEKLY RATE: Upon reservation, we charge the first week to your credit card, non refundable no matter what.

To hold your reservation, we accept MasterCard and VISA.

On arrival day you still can decide if you want to pay with these credit cards or with Interac.
Of course we also accept cash.

Fields marked with * are required.

Fields marked with * are required.

Regarding your credit card number & expiry date for the reservation:

This is not a secure internet connection and you can call us by phone to give us your credit card information or can send it with this form if you wish or split up your credit card information and send us two or more emails with the split information.


Privacy Policy

Dear Guest:

Your privacy is important to us. This policy tells you what information we gather about you, how we would use it, to whom we may disclose it, how you can opt out of the collection, use or disclosure of your personal information, and how to get access to the information we may have about you.

Collecting Information
We collect information about guests such as name, address, automobile license number, make and year, credit card number and special needs, interests and preferences. We may collect information from you directly, from a member of your family, or from a business associate making reservations for you. We may obtain it by telephone, in person, by mail, by fax or by e-mail. We may keep the information in written form or elec­tro­nically. By providing this information to us, you enable us to serve you better.

Using Information
We use the information collected to make your stay more enjoyable, to assist in arranging payment of your accounts, and to provide further information to you about our facilities and our programs. We will retain your personal information only for as long as required by the law or as necessary for the purposes for which it is collected. Your personal information will not be used for other purposes without your consent and we will definitely not sell it to anybody or make it in any way available.

Disclosing Information
We will not disclose any personal information collected about you to anybody else, unless required to do so by law, except when we provide the information to firms we retain to assist us in forwarding additional information to you, or in collecting funds owing by you. If our business is sold, we may provide the infor­mation to the purchaser of our business. We will comply with all laws which require us to supply the information to government agencies and others. We will not otherwise sell, transfer or trade any mailing list which includes your information.

Keeping Information Secure
We will keep written information in a secure place in a locked cabinet. If the information is stored electro­nically, it will be password-protected and available only to those members of our staff who require it.

Access to Information
If you wish to review the personal information we keep about you please contact our Privacy Officer at the address set out below. At your request, subject to applicable law, we will delete your personal infor­mation from our records.

Obtaining Your Consent
By providing personal information to us, you are consenting to us using it for purposes set out above and disclosing it to the parties described above. If you do not want us to use any personal information about you, or wish to limit the use or disclosure of such personal information by us, please contact the Privacy Officer at the address set out below by mail, fax or e-mail.

Contacting us
We may be contacted by mail, phone, or e-mail as follows:

Privacy Officer:
ViewPoint RV Park & Cottages, Dennis Beaulieu, 6871 Trans Canada Highway N.W., Salmon Arm  B.C.  V1E 3A2, Canada
Phone: +1 250 832 2833