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Cancellation Policy

Prior to booking, please review our cancellation policy.

Please remember, a reservation is a two way commitment. We guarantee you the site/cottage that you reserved and you guarantee us payment for it. From the moment of your reservation, we are going to send away other potential guests. If you are not sure about your reservation, please don’t make one.

Our cancellation policy is:

  • Upon reservation, we charge the first night’s cost to your credit card, non- refundable;
  • If you cancel your reservation by noon 7 days before arrival date, we do not charge you the remaining amount. Please submit cancellations by email;
  • There will be no refunds for not showing up, late arrivals, early departures, inclement weather or broken down vehicles etc.;
  • NOTE RE WEEKLY RATE: Upon reservation, we charge the first week to your credit card, non-refundable;
  • To hold your reservation, we accept MASTERCARD and VISA. On arrival day you can decide if you want to pay with these credit cards or with Interac. Of course, we also accept cash.

Thank you
ViewPoint RV Park & Cottages